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Made Kouign Amann today. It’s a french butter/Carmelized sugar pastry. Delightful.

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I once listened to a man on a podcast talking about how he lost 150 pounds. He said the biggest mistake people make is they commit to a certain diet, or calorie limit, and then one day they inevitably cave, and they binge, and the next morning they are so paralyzed with guilt that the best option seems to be just to give up, because they’re not cut out for it, or they feel like the solution is to start a “cheat day,” one day a week when it’s okay to just do whatever because a life without any more french fries is unthinkable.

This man had a different approach to share. On the one hand, you can’t set weak goals, like “I’ll cut back on eating most days.” This quickly turns to some days to no days. So you need a goal like “no more refined sugars. Period.” But when you fail, and you will, you can’t just stay down. You pick yourself up and dust yourself off and continue taking it one day at a time.

It’s not an excuse to go back on your goals. It’s a reason to keep them up even though it’s tough.

That’s why I’m going to keep trying to put out text posts twice a week, even when I’m on vacation and haven’t even started thinking about my make-up homework yet.

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this is my 1,111th post on this shitty website s/o to everyone who sees this thanks for watching and if you didnt watch it thanks for reading all that

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I went back and forth a lot about posting this. I’m still not sure it’s a good idea, but I committed to myself that I’d get something out every Monday and Friday, and this is all I’ve got that’s anywhere near ready at the moment.

Brief warning: This contains sexual content. It also might not make sense outside of my head.

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So, I’ve been writing a lot of little things lately, and I decided to start posting some of them here. We’re going to try for twice-weekly, Fridays and Mondays. None of this will be great, but hopefully some of it will be good. Here goes.

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